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Join as a Content Writer

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Two things you need to know about being  a content writer of Mahenjo.

Before you write: What we look for

Length: The ideal length for a post is between 850 and 1,000 words. It must not have been previously published and you will retain all copyrights of your original content. You must give us an exclusive right for minimum 1 year or as long as you want to stay with us and get royalty from us. During this period you are not authorized to re-publish it on any other sites or platforms.

Topics:  Our editors are always looking for any great idea you have which relates with our site. It should be within your area of interest or expertise. Write something that you would want to read yourself.

Original Content: Work you didn’t write is not acceptable. Only the best authors and contents make it through our review process. This way we make sure that all products meet our quality and originality standards.

Clear and meaningful: The most successful content writer put as much love into describing and presenting their contents as they do in creating them.


Before you submit: Steps to take

Proof your article. Sloppy work won’t be accepted by our editors. If your piece is riddled with typos and/or factual errors, it will not be accepted.

Link to your sources. If you quote someone or cite a statistic, link out to your source. This will help readers learn more about a topic and bolster your writing. Additionally, not having these links could slow the publication of your article. Don’t expect that your editor will do your legwork for you. Please link to the original source.

If you interview someone, please say so in the piece. Your editor and the reader will want to know that you have conducted original reporting.

Make sure your article isn’t overly self-promotional. Mentions of your company, book or skills should be used to demonstrate your expertise on a topic. The effect should serve to educate, not advertise. Articles that excessively promote your brand, company or product likely won’t be published. Excessive links to your products or initiatives will likely be deleted.

Disclose any financial relationships. Please acknowledge financial relationships, if any exist, with the companies or individuals you write about or link to. This disclosure is very important to us and our readers. Violating this rule could lead to your article being removed from the site or the end of your ability to contribute to the site.

You cannot receive money from a business or person in exchange for writing about them. It is also against our policy for contributors to sell links in their articles to people or companies. Contributors found to be violating these policies will be barred from publishing in our network.


How do payments of earnings work

Royalty: We will pay 30% royalty for revenue generated from your content.

Thresholds: We’ll make payments of your earnings based on minimum 25 USD threshold amounts.

Earnings payment timing and methods:

  1. You ask us to hold the balance of your earnings until you request a payment. We will continue to hold your earnings until we receive a request for withdrawal unless for some reason we decide to pay you your earnings without a request.
  2. When we get a request for payment, we’ll pay you at the next payment cycle
  3. You must provide us with the correct details and payment method when you request your earnings.


If you have any question or inquiry, you can feel free to Contact Us.